Cat-and-Mouse Mayhem: When Privilege and Peril Collide

Cat-and-Mouse Mayhem: When Privilege and Peril Collide

You're Killing Me


Genre: Action, Horror, Mystery
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 34m
Director(s): Beth Hanna, Jerren Lauder
Writer(s): Walker Hare, Brad Martocello
Cast: McKaley Miller, Anne Heche, Durmot Mulroney, Jalli Tehranae, Keyara Milliner, Will Deusner
Where To Watch: coming to select theaters and on digital April 7th

RAVING REVIEW: In the movie, YOU'RE KILLING ME, viewers are drawn into the story of a Eden, played by McKaley Miller, who is determined to attend an elite college even while battling financial hardships. Upon discovering she's been waitlisted, she hatches a unique plan to secure a recommendation letter from the parents of one of her peers. Partnering with her best friend, they sneak into the much-discussed "Heaven and Hell" party to get herself an “in.”

The night quickly shifts from excitement to danger when her friend drinks more than planned and becomes dangerously drunk. While searching for a safe space for her friend to recuperate, she uncovers some evidence on someone else's phone. That’s when “all hell” breaks loose, and the story quickly shifts from a fun party film to somewhat of a survival thriller.

The tension escalates as the evening unfolds into a spine-chilling cat-and-mouse game. The stakes soar as the friends take drastic measures to defend themselves and their futures. Eden has to reach deep within herself to outthink her assailant, using her intellect and bravery to make it through the night. Just how far would you go to get what you want?

As the body count increases, Eden has to find a way to escape the situation. The narrative spotlights her unwavering determination to chase her dreams and the lengths she will go to. The film also questions what extent people will go to when desperation is thrown into the mix. This film is still almost more of a thriller than a horror movie, but it mixes in enough modern social commentary and horror elements that will keep diehard genre fans hooked.

In conclusion, YOU'RE KILLING ME showcases the potency of determination and the significance of challenging injustice. This film salutes the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit while simultaneously warning against the hazards of uncontrolled ambition, with a solid narrative that makes the hour and a half fly by. 


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